Geocode Map Viewer

Enter latitude and longitude in the input field and it will be converted to Opan Location Code, Quadkey, Geohash or Grid Square Code and visualized on the map.

Clicking on a rectangle on the map allows you to view the coordinates of the rectangle's southwest and northeast corner.

Grid type

Learn about Open Location Code(Plus Codes)

The Open Location Code is a geocode based in a system of regular grids for identifying an area anywhere on the Earth. It was developed at Google's Zürich engineering office, and released late October 2014. Location codes created by the Open Location Code system are referred to as "plus codes".

Learn about Quadkey

Quadkey (Quadtree Key) is a geolocation hashing algorithm developed by Microsoft that divides regions based on latitude and longitude into grids of approximately the same size. Each quadkey has a single-digit code, zero to three. By zooming into the next level, each of the four original quadkeys splits into four, and we add another digit to the code.

Learn about Geohash

Geohash is a method of encoding geographic location into a short string of characters. The encoded string represents a grid-based approximation of the location, allowing for fast and efficient indexing and retrieval of geographic data.

Learn about Grid Square Code

The grid square code is a method of dividing a geographic area into a grid of smaller regions for the purpose of organizing and efficiently accessing geographic data. The grid square code is an extension of the standardized regional grid square code developed in Japan(JIS X 0410), expanded to a global scale.